green teaSamakanda was discovered and developed by BBC journalist and environmentalist Rory Spowers. He wanted to finally live his dream and abandon life in London for a more ecologically sustainable lifestyle. Moving with his wife and two toddler sons to what was a 60-acre abandoned tea estate in Sri Lanka. Rory’s book documents their adventure as they create a model organic farm and earn their livelihood from the land.

The fascinating story begins with the tsunami of 2004  and Rory’s sudden involvement with the relief efforts, and charts the course of his adventures over 12 months culminating in the launch of his new business (making a living by selling the produce he grows). It chronicles the highs and lows of this radical change, and reveals what it takes to live a sustainable life. It also includes tips for those of us who wish to live a more environmentally friendly life.

Spowers’ writing in ‘Three Men on a Bike’, which recounted his story of buying the Goodies’ bicycle and riding it across Africa for charity, was compared with Bryson, Palin and Hawks’ for his storytelling, humour and intrepid spirit.

Spowers’ narrative brims with adventure, harrowing moments, and small triumphs as he comes to know the people and the land and works toward creating his dream of a sustainable, model forest garden.

Now you have the opportunity to stay in the place where the magic happened!

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